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Marjomotex Textile
Our Motto
The company's mission aims to provide High quality products and services at competitive prices. Generating value for its customers and stakeholders and contributing to the economic and social development of the country and, in particular, the region in which it operates.

Each garment is curated by highly skilled and experienced seamstresses, knowledgeable of the raw materials, who combine agility with perfection to create high-quality products tailored to their customer needs. It is also the company's mission to ensure the motivation of its employees and support their continuous training and professional and personal development.
With more than 40 employees, 95% of them are women
With more than 40 employees, MJM has built an outstanding reputation for its products and customer service quality and reliability.

Our market reputation is due to the recognition as SME Leader in 2012, 2014 and 2015 and SME Excellence by IAPMEI in 2015. The solid partnerships and long lasting business relationships with some of the most critical players at the retail level.

DEsigning the future

The right supplier

We have been trousers makers since 1977. More than 40 years specialized in manufacturing denim, creating new solutions for the world’s most influential brands, and innovating the market.

At Marjomotex, we are passionate about our work, and for this reason, we continue leading the way in the sector at Portugal. With over 40 employees, 95% of them women, and a commercial presence in numerous countries, such as Germany, Uk , Sweden and Spain. Marjomotex is synonymous for improvement, innovation, and leadership.

We strive to the Highest quality standards when choosing the fabrics we supply to meet our customers needs. We are innovating, flexible, and adapting to each service, offering the best pieces while respecting the environment.

Regardless of whether the range is medium or high, the quality is always there. We don’t know how to do average things.

We have about 40 members in the company, primarily women, who taught us and learned from us the art of sewing over the past decades, and whose daughters already follow the tradition and know-how of their mothers. History being made here for decades.
Over the years, the consistency and quality of our products and customer service result in long lasting business relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
From the early days, we have given particular importance to collaboration and the quality of the materials and services when making our clothes. Our suppliers are handpicked, valued, and cherished, generation after generation. They have high-quality standards, don't compromise deadlines, and consistently seek to improve.

Stakeholders Reviews

“All the orders we have se with Marjomotex, went really well, with regards to the delivery time and quality. A company which stands out for its cordiality anprofessionalism, a real partner.”

"We always rely on the know how and professionalism of the team from Marjomotex, since the development until the delivery."

Cristina Vila Real

Consultora HDL Business Building

"It has been a pride to accompany Marjomotex, in recent years, in this evolution strategy that has gone through strong internationalization and sustainable growth in search of product and service excellence.
The constant concern with valuing and training the team has greatly contributed to achieving and exceeding the goals that Marjomotex has set itself.

It is undoubtedly very rewarding and motivating to be part of this team.
Thank you for everyone's welcome"