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We truly believe that the happiness of our employees is reflected in the quality of their work and maintaining a great team spirit!

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At Marjomotex, we value being inclusive. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of each and every one of our employees. And with every new member of our team we become even stronger.


Over the years, MJM Marjomotex has developed solid know-how, specializing in the production of denim trousers, which then extended to other fabrics and, other garments. Specialized in making trousers, with a production that varies between 500 and 800 pieces per day, 90% of which is directed
to international operating in several markets. Are you ready to be part of our family?

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Behind every brand, behind every product, there is a team of talented people who make it possible. We are coming together with some of the most well-known brands in the world, with some of the greatest products on the market. Our strength lies in the rich backgrounds, passions, and experiences of our employees.