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We help ambitious brands to go green & conscious. Sustainability remains one of Marjomotex main concerns. Issues such as cotton cultivation and consumption drive mills to seek new fiber alternatives and new initiatives such as recycling and organically-produced. Check out our styles using primarly natural and recycle materials.

Still wearing plastic?

Influenced by a sustainable environment, we launch collections that use mostly natural and recycled materials, and ecologic washed techniques such as ozono wash and laser.

Our Goal Is To Maintain Continual Progress Towards A More Sustainable Future.
More specifically, companies that use organic cotton instead of regular cotton consume 91% less water, 62% less energy and their production results in 70% less acidification to the land and water.
Organic cotton saves roughly 600 gallons
of water per item that’s the amount of water one
person should drink over a 2-3 year period.

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Don't mess with Mother Earth

Our collection Don’t mess with Mother earth when using primarly natural and recycled materials, farm workers and environment are protected. When manufactured without using hazardous chemicals, factory workers and the environment are protected. When there are no harmful residues in the end product, consumers are protected.

Ref. 210 178

Crop Denim Jacket, Block Color

Ref. 210 179

Wide Leg Jeans, Block Color

Ref. 210 161

Slim Fit Jeans

Ref. 210 140

Twill Wide Leg Pants

Ref. 210 144

Tencel Jogger

Ref. 210 162

Plus Size Jeans

Ref. 210 159

Denim Shorts Bleached Bottom

Ref. 210 142

Tencel Jacket

Ref. 210 138

Twill Overall

Ref. 210 141

Midi Size Tencel Dress

Ref. 210 143

Wide Leg Pleat Front Pants

Ref. 160 057

Jeans Push-Up

Ref. 139 992

Trouser with Tacks Belt

Ref. 160 050

Diamond Pattern Trousers

Ref. 160 136

Sequin Trousers

Ref. 160 058

Capri Cowboy Trousers

Ref. 210 126

Relaxed Fit Jeans

Ref. 210 129

Essencial Slim Fit Jeans with Allover Laser

Ref. 210 121

Stretch Twill Chino Shorts

Ref. 210 132

Work Jacket

Ref. 210 120

Denim Trucker with Laser Artwork in the Back

Ref. 210 133

Denim Jumpsuit with Laser Artwork in the Back

Ref. 139 988

Twill Chinos

Ref. 139 987

Twill Cowboy Trousers

Ref. 139 989

Denim Cowboy Trousers

Ref. 210 168

Denim Jacket

Ref. 210 163

Organic Twill Jumpsuit

Ref. 210 165

Denim Skirt

Ref. 210 166

Microstripes Front Pleat Short

Ref. 210 118

Denim 5 Pockets Jeans

Ref. 210 113

Denim Bomber Jacket