Modtissimo – It was our fault!

Modtissimo – It was our fault!
Marjomotex Modtissimo

We assume that. It was our fault.

In T Jornal‘s most recent article, they mentioned that “A CULPA É DO ESTILO – MARJOMOTEX,” which translated to “The guilty of such style is our.”

Marjomotex dressed the entire Modtissimo organization, and it was such an honor. From the translators to the car park support team. In total, about 40 uniforms were dressed by the staff of this 58th edition.

The 58th edition of Modtissimo featured the presentation of more than 400 new collections proposed by 280 exhibitors at Alfândega do Porto.

The event organizers dressed a mid-oversized belted jacket in denim, designed to be worn over any outfit. The translators donned a knitted t-shirt with the Marjomotex logo combined with their jeans.

The hostesses sported a knit dress with a pattern that mixes the Marjomotex logo with floral motifs. The car park support team used an overall made of denim, which features a laser embroidery on the back, the motto of this collection: “Don’t Mess with Mother Earth.”

Sustainability is at the base of Marjomotex’s principles. All materials used are either organic or recycled, supported by the GOTS seal and very soon by the OEKO-TEX.

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