Marjomotex – Denim makers since 1970s

Marjomotex – Denim makers since 1970s
Marjomotex Denim Supplier

We are Denim makers since 1970. More than 50 years specialized in manufacturing denim, creating new solutions for the world’s most important brands and innovating the market.

In Marjomotex we are passionate about our work, and for this reason, we continue leading the way in the sector in Portugal. With more than 40 employees, 95% of them women, and a commercial presence in numerous countries, Marjomotex is today synonymous with improvement, innovation, and leadership.

Perfection sewed by skilled hands

Focusing in the B2B segment, primarily focusing in the manufacturing of trousers in fabrics such as denim, twill, and knit, the company operates both on-demand – based on a sample or mold from the customer – or vertically – ensuring all stages of production: modeling, cutting, sewing and washing. Over the years, the company has developed solid know-how, specializing in the production of denim trousers, which then extended to other fabrics and, more recently, other garments.

Thanks to the ongoing cooperation with the key players of the denim industry we are able to create every season new collections using the latest technologies and innovative methods that allow us to propose fresh ideas to market and inspire our customers.

High-Quality Denim

We work closely with a number of reputable brands who rely on our product quality denim; With every garment, we produce being fully custom, we can work with you to manufacture signature pieces for your brand.

Specialized in making trousers, with a production that varies between 800 and 1,100 pieces per day, 30% of which is directed to international customers, in a list that goes from Zara to Moschino, passing through Carolina Herrera and El Corte Inglés, the only variable what doesn’t change in the company is quality.

Most innovative denim manufacturer and supplier

We strive to the highest quality standards in the fabric we supply to meet our customers need. Innovating, being flexible and adapting ourselves to each service, offering the best denim cloth while respecting the environment.

Regardless of whether the range is medium or high, the quality is always there. We don’t know how to do bad things

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