Marjomotex – Casualwear

Marjomotex – Casualwear

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Casualwear for your brand

The textile Marjomotex MJM had high expectations for 2020, with the culmination of an internationalization project launched four years earlier. The pandemic came to disrupt the plans, but the company still saw some of its bets succeed.

The investment in the manufacture of casualwear and partnerships with brands focused mostly online allowed the company to increase 30% in sales. “But without Covid, it would be even better,” says director-general Mónica Afonso.

Comfortable Pieces

Specialized in making trousers – from modeling to finishing – Marjomotex has been investing more and more in casualwear models, moving away from the more formal pieces. “We are talking about jeans, twill trousers or jogger models, for instance, with an elastic waist, casual and comfortable pieces, which are not formal but are neither sport nor pajamas,” explains the head of the company located in Outiz, Vila Nova de Famalicão.

The bet could not be more correct in confinement times, with the privileging public comfort more than ever. But in addition to casual wear, the company added another successful ingredient. “Our customers are very much in the online market. We are talking about young brands, who are already used to e-commerce, and online has skyrocketed with the pandemic”, adds Mónica Afonso.

However, Mónica believes that the year would have everything to be better were it not for the pandemic. “We started with internationalization four years ago, and we see the results. We felt it was a good year, but we had the shops and borders closed for months.”

During the first phase of the pandemic, the company also dedicated itself to the design and manufacture of masks, having certified two models, one with wrinkles and the other with duckbills, selling them as protective equipment as an accessory.

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