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Each piece of clothing is curated and made by highly skilled and experienced seamstresses who combine agility with perfection to create clothes tailored to our customers’ needs.


How are our samples made?
We provide a full end-to-end process from fabric
sourcing, sampling, production, quality control, packaging and shipping.


The cut is Joaquim’s, running it with skill and precision, either with scissors or on the cutting machine.

Joaquim has several years of experience in his hands. Thousands of orders have already gone through his calloused hands, ensuring all the required details in each garment, safety, and precision.



Perfection sewed by expert hands, the hands of seamstresses who know by heart their sewing machine, its rhythm, the mark it leaves in the fabric.

Quality Control

The know-how becomes perfection in every piece and detail, resulting in irreproachable quality and endless possibilities of detail.