Entrepreneurship in the Feminine

Entrepreneurship in the Feminine

When we walk into Marjomotex our gaze immediately sets on an experienced pair of hands that darn, with unmatched perfection, the garments that will soon travel to other markets, as Portuguese quality knows no boundaries.

By its side, with a watchful yet also feminine eye, Mónica Afonso, a young businesswoman, guides the family company born 40 years ago.

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Entrepreneurship in the Feminine

This is in its core a familial affair, as employee’s family members also work here, and an example of female entrepreneurship, with a fully feminine management (100%) and a workforce predominantly made up of women (95%).

The story began in 1970, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, when her parents, Jacinto Silva and Fátima Afonso, founded MJM – Marjamotex Confeções, Lda. They were far from imagining that four decades later the company would set an example of success of the synergy between artisan tradition and technological future, or that it would be exporting to countries such as Spain, France, England, Sweden, Belgium and Germany, among others.

As a B2B company following a vertical integration, Marjomotex is responsible for all stages of production: cutting, manufacturing, finishing and washing, while also having an in-house designer, modeler and a wide range of samples. Its primary focus is the manufacturing of denim, serge and jersey trousers and, most recently, chinos. Throughout the years, this know-how has expanded to other garments and pieces of clothing, increasing the company portfolio with pieces such as denim jackets, one of its most iconic ones right now.

Nowadays, Mónica Afonso, general manager, follows the footsteps of the founders, inspired by the enterprising spirit of her father who, after years of experience within the field, began buying fabric surpluses from local factories, and by her mother’s skillful sewing who, at home, manufactured the clothes they both sold in Famalicão’s weekly fair.

With about 40 workers, Marjomotex began focusing on the specialization of its workforce, building an exceptional image of consistency and quality of product and customer service. This led to a recognition as a PME Líder (SME Leader) in 2012, 2014 and 2015, as well as a PME Excelência (SME Excellence) in 2015 by IAPMEI (Institute of Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Innovation). Moreover, its reputation resulted in long-lasting commercial partnerships and relationships with some of the most prominent Iberian players in the retail business (e.g., Zara, Carolina Herrera, Purificación Garcia, Ana Sousa, Lanidor, Guimanos, among many others.)

Marjomotex’s investment in state-of-the-art technology, its know-how and versatility – all reflected in its delivery service –, as well as its unique levels of perfection and commitment are a few of the company’s assets that clients single out in their positive reviews.

In the long run, the company intends to increase its presence in international markets, particularly in Nordic countries. Marjomotex is already a GOTS certified company and it’s gearing up to get a SMETA certification, which rewards ethics and socially responsible practices. Building new headquarters is also on the horizon, but, until then, the goal is to keep working in this close-knit environment, promoting knowledge, tradition, and art in the sewing business, mainly among women that, day by day, sew their own future.

The goal is to keep working in this close-knit environment, promoting knowledge, tradition, and art in the sewing business, mainly among women that, day by day, sew their own future.

Address: 852 Varziela Street, 4760-692, Outiz V.N.Famalicão
Contact details: +351 252 374 383 | +351 962 555 211 | Fax: 252 313 422