Designing a better future for 2021

Designing a better future for 2021
Textile Denim

We’re back at full power

From small shops to big multinational companies, coronavirus had/has a significant impact on the market. We are so grateful that most of the companies stick with us to continue producing their clothing and designing the future.

This year we will be continually focusing on the company’s Digitization, using technology-based solutions. We also intend to focus on sustainable and recycled fibers, as they are poised to replace resource-intensive raw materials at an increasing pace.

Marjomotex is certified by the GOTS Standard (Global Organic Textile Standard), the world’s leading standard for textiles made from organic fibers, using demanding ecological and social criteria from the entire textile distribution chain. In this way, product certification is an asset and a philosophy followed by our company, providing a higher quality level in the final product.

Our company’s current focus is on the SME customers, and our minimum production is 200 pieces per model, so we can reach smaller customers with a specified value. Emerging, more experimental, and daring brands are part of our range of customers. This type of customer allows us to grow and present products with higher quality.

We also work closely with large productions in short lead times. At Marjomotex, we give a lot of importance and attention to new and SME customers who excel in quality and seek innovation. We’re always ready for challenges that involve growing our customers’ quality.

We are proud of our perfection sewed by skilled hands.

Reach to Us

So, if you have a brand, an idea, Marjomotex can provide various services on your behalf to the client. Feel free to contact us anytime! We try to transform our clients’ projects into the best products in the market, taking care of every single step within the product development.

Let’s roll up our sleeves!

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