Marjomotex is certified by the GOTS Standard (Global Organic Textile Standard), the world’s leading standard for textiles made from organic fibers, using demanding ecological and social criteria from the entire textile distribution chain. In this way, product certification is an asset and a philosophy followed by our company, providing a higher quality level of the final product. Get to Know us in detail.

Textile Denim

Designing a better future for 2021

We’re back at full power From small shops to big multinational companies, coronavirus had/has a significant impact on the market. We are so grateful that

Marjomotex - denim supplier

Bruised but not beaten

It is time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. We truly believe that Europe’s textile industry is a perfect candidate for greener and digital recovery.


Social Mask Production

We have started the production of Social Masks for our Customers. A product approved by Bluesign, World Health Organization, CITEVE. With the Antimicrobial Finishing you can get rid of microorganisms and with the Water Repellent finishing, get rid of water and dirt.